Anna, A girl live in little island called Sardinia and I live in little island called Taiwan.

We both grow up on the seaside.

Although we are far far away from each other we never feel that. I was able to finally visit her and took the opportunity.
She been through something very heartbreaking during the time I drew this portrait. 

Most lovely couple I've ever met.

They are sticky.
They are in love.

They've place each other's portraits on their side of the bed. I was pretty worried.. "What if portrait drops" and the man says "That will be perfect. If the portrait drops then I will give a big kiss to my wife!"

Mummy said she likes me wear something Pink.

I will go out with my friend and convince her tomorrow will be the end of the world.

I had terrible critique last week. I can still remember the tears holding them in the corner of my eyes. 

even if she is the only one who will be facing the end of the world, I know she will keep that smile still.

Blue is her colour.

and her friend is Ruby.

Night out

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